Month: July 2020

Celebrate Holidays Without Breaking the Bank

The Holiday season is bright with lights and stores decorated with attractive gifts and ornaments. It is the time of the year that every boy and girl dreams of Christmas trees and Santa Claus and gift opening. But often for the adults, it is a time which tempts them to overspend in buying stuff which will please family and friends alike. Beginning the New Year with a load of credit card debts is not pleasant either. So here are a few tips that can make your holidays bright without breaking the bank. Draw up a budget and stick to it Be realistic about how much you can spend. Once you make up your mind, write down all that you have to spend. It could be funds needed for food, decorations and gifts. When you divide the available funds under these headings, you can plan a little further. For instance, you can make a list of people you must give gifts under the column of gifts. Now you will have a clear picture of how much you can spend on each person. Do not underestimate the power of your Dollar Store Often people love to discuss with others the brand name shops they raided for gifts. But if you step into a couple of Dollar stores, you will find that you can scrape of 75% of savings on what you would buy in the big stores. Gift wrapping paper, such as, is something everyone tears and throws away. So why not get it at discount stores instead of the high-end ones. Be amazed at the kind of decorations you can pick up here as also the Holiday cards! Be Innovative Originality in food and everything else is somewhat challenging. A well planned feast is manageable if you start buying the ingredients even a month ahead. The After Thanksgiving sales can come up with ingredients for cakes and so on. Even gifts are thoughtfully picked up for the holidays from these sales. If you are dexterous with your fingers, making gifts, like crocheting Christmas Tree ornaments or knitting caps and socks for Winter, starting a task a couple of months before the holidays is a good idea. Making photo frames with craft material and personalizing them with names placed on with glitter are very attractive. Cross stitching a child’s name on a bath towel or a hand towel can also bring joy to the recipient. So celebrating the holidays using your planning skill and not raiding the bank, can make you immensely proud of yourself, as well as spreading the holiday cheer around!}

Changing Face Of Inuit Art

Inuit art form has become a collector’s prized possession in recent times. With the exposure that the art form has received in recent times, it is not difficult to find them in people’s living rooms the world over. This form of art is in fact considered to be a collectible among the elite people. The exposure to this art form has been largely created by the efforts of the Canadian government in an attempt to popularize the beautiful and traditional art practiced by the local inhabitants of the Arctic region. However, while the art form has received recognition throughout the world, it has also led Inuit community to move towards other occupations as well. Thus, on one hand there has been a surge in demand for the art and on the other there is a shortage of skilled artists. For a long time Inuit were hunters and sculptors. But, over a period of time people found better and more lucrative employment opportunities and drifted towards them. However, some intuit people continued with their traditional profession of creating beautiful art pieces out of stone. For these people stone carving holds religious significance. That’s because the Inuit art traditionally comprised of creating sculptures of worship. Such religious sculptures and figures were in a way then connected with nature. The art also majorly comprises of animal or human figures. The creativity of these artists is depicted by their carvings of animals, usually those found in the arctic region. Being ace hunters, it was easy for them to capture the beauty of animals into stone statutes. However, of late with the increasing demand for Inuit art, the younger generation of Inuit is drawing back towards their tradition. With more exposure to the outside world than their forefathers, they are bringing innovations to the art form. Instead of using ivory, other varieties of soft stones like soapstone are being used to create beautiful art works. Following the footsteps of renowned Inuit artists like Paul Kavik, Jimmy Iqaluq and Nuna Parr, these younger artists are trying to create art using the same method and tools but with a touch of contemporary feel. Several art galleries both online and off it too are providing these young artists the platform that they need to portray their skills. They list their products and interested Eskimo art lovers can buy them. Though they are relatively lower in price than those of the established Inuit artists, the Inuit art by the young generation artists is no less in terms of their quality.