Fashion Illustration

Follow your heart! Whether your interest is drawing gentle lines for babies or the bolder contour driven silhouettes for adults. Initially, new fashion illustrators will benefit from checking out the newest fashion magazines and practicing drawing different poses. You will need essential materials at hand to begin designing your chosen fashion illustrations.

Color PencilsThere are tons of color pencils brand names and generic in the market to choose from. Personally, the creamy ones have a gliding quality that allows artists to create lovely designs by blending contrasts and combining colors. MarkersMarkers are a favorite for fashion illustration. Markers influence the quality of an artist’s work. A drawing can be simple yet command attention with fluidity. Markers are an essential part of an illustrator’s retinue, always handy for small art revisions created with other mediums. WatercolorsArtists can chose from numerous types of watercolors. You can find tubes, pastes, and pencils that can be diluted to produce delicate eye catching effects. PastelsWithin the pastel element an artist can find various choices. For instance chalk which are easy to use and help generate the required volume and gradients of many frocks. Chalks are easy to use but if not careful to prevent the rubbing off of color, the artist’s work can turn out messy. AcrylicsAcrylics to create sketches are recommended to produce clean lines and interesting color combinations. A fashion illustrator can use gradients or solid colors, and easily add unique aspects to his drawings.

OilsOils are a great medium because they bring out a realistic aspect to fashion. It is an elegant mode of illustrating fashion and suggested for the more advanced illustrator to depict subtleties such as velvety textures. Gel pensGel pens were the best invention of modern times. Who doesn’t want to add sparkle to metals in their artwork? Gel pens are used to create effects that simulate attention such as glitter as in the case with metallic fabrics, lipsticks, and jewelry. These gel pens come in pastels, pearly hues, neon colors, and metallic. BrushesAlways have brushes at hand no matter what the medium is. These are handy for touch ups, clean ups, create special effects, and more. Brushes come in different textures, lengths, and thicknesses, all intended for particular mediums and the creation of different appearances. Once you have all your materials, start practicing and sharing your fashion illustration portfolio with friends and family. Make drawing part of your daily routine always keeping in mind that every artist has his or her own way of expressing art. Your endeavors will soon pay off.

The Artistic Life of Julian De La Chica

When I was a young boy I remember reading Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” and finding myself profoundly surprised by the first lines of the novel as if it was a prophecy, asking for who would later become the most legendary character, a paradigm of the world that she dreamed: “Who is John Galt?” Without a doubt and with the same confidence that he can distinguish between talent and improvisation, natural and artificial, I must start these lines asking: Who is Julian de la Chica? If we must say something about “the piano vagabond”, as the audience calls him, it is that even his life looks like a myth, some legend or fiction. He’s a real character, and his life is more than anything a series of nonequivalent realities, and when he puts it out there, we can see a thousand perspectives of multiple dimensions. Through his own personal experiences, Julian takes us to different places, stories and travels that personify a certain theme for a novel, and maybe that’s why (intentionally or not) he reached to become that character that a lot of people dream about. But he has also reached the moral line of the legendary “Hero of Rand”, and he simply had always displayed only his true self and his passion for his work through his utmost dedication, effort and imagination.

This incredible commitment is what separates a genius from an average person. His romance with music started when he was 4 years old, and started learning to playing the piano through private lessons with well-renowned music professor Martha londono, who taught him everything in regards to vocals and the musical alphabet. Soon after he improved his technique and solfeggio with other professors until he entered the University of the Arts for children and started to receive lessons from the great Olga Gonzalez. However, it was not until the age of 7 where Julian started his true artistic journey with his first debut performance. He remembers, “my feet couldn’t reach the pedals” and had to wear a tuxedo that his mom rented for $2 from a costume shop.

Then came the concerts, which was a in fact a rare mix of the life of a child and that of a prodigy that was being recognized and celebrated by his talent: in school events, in music competitions, Christmas and New Year acts, in which we would find Julian living the reason why he was brought into this world in the first place. His first grand performance came when he was only 14 years old in a fully booked auditorium with more than 2000 people. His performances mainly included classic compositions, and during those times Julian was very influenced by romantic opera composers, particularly Beethoven. Even then you could have already visualized the variations and the style that eventually would define a true genius.

As his career began and flourished without limits or barriers, Julian started to define his artistic side and find the right way of communication that he has always wanted to achieve with his to reach that goal he needed to find a new sound. Even if it wasn’t completely new, he knew that it would be much more personable. Julian’s “kid-prodigy” status eventually reached the ears of the local government in his native Colombia and was invited to participate in a concert for “La Copa America”, the American soccer cup in Manizales, giving homage to the most important local newspaper in town, as well. This concert took place out in the open under a star-lit sky, and he was given the title of one of the pioneers in playing a tail-piano.

One anecdote that would leave a deep impact on Julian’s life was the performance in San Cancio Hills, one of the most famous landmarks in the city of Manizales, where he performed “Claire De Lune” on the hilltops on an icy cold night with only his piano as his company and the full moon as his witness. Since then Julian was never the same, and he understood that his music could not just follow the same parameters taken by other artists. After returning home, he was convinced that he would take his art where nobody else has ever taken it before, and that this time there would be no turning back.

Contact us When You Really Need a Fine Art Appraisal or Even an Antique Art Consultant

If you are a collector of the works of Renoir or Gauguin or Picasso or any of the great masters, you know how rare it can be to actually acquire an original. And if you are lucky enough to manage to afford to acquire one of those fantastic artistic pieces, you without doubt understand the incredible importance of a fine art appraisal performed by a professional and respected antique art consultant. Should you come about upon some work by one of many wonderful experts at an public auction, make sure to have an estate sale appraiser go over it with a fine tooth comb before you invest a penny of your hard earned money. When you need a fine art appraisal, call on us for the our best service in the industry. Estate sales are wonderful, but you might want to take our antique art consultant with you to be sure of the value before buying. Those who take pleasure in pictures created by the pros generally understand the price and also have all of them covered by insurance effectively. Few individuals are able to possess works by the professionals similar to Picasso, Renoir, Van Gogh among others. When you need evaluation papers for the paintings or perhaps property finds, phone us for help.

We can easily provide you with good market price assessments of property you have acquired or perhaps inherited. In case you have made a not for profit contribution of one of your respective paintings pieces, we can easily provide the accurate records for the IRS. Insuring valuable clay works pieces or videotapes and photography is something many people forget to do. We are available for consultations with museum curators and private investors who have fine works of clay. We monitor the market for items that we feel may be of interest to our photographs clientele. In case you have inherited a whole house from a family member, don’t throw anything out before you discover the value. Occasionally things you think are worthless are actually property which has huge value and can be sold for a profit. You’ll find precious items at rummage sales as well as public auction which other folks don’t realize are worth dollars. Just what a lot of people toss, other folks pick-up and turn out offering for income. In the event you go shopping at rummage sales in order to find a thing you believe you might market at a financial gain, allow us to inform you how it is really worth. We’re professionals in terms of discovering if that which you paid is actually lower than what the merchandise will probably be worth.

We are professionals in the field of appraising all types of items that can be kept until they increase in value or can be sold to bring in profits. Making profits from pieces of jewelry that were handed down to you is a great way to pay for university costs. Employing a specialist to tell a person exactly what your vintage gems are worth is definitely advisable. For those who have obtained several artworks from your distant relative and wish to recognize their truly worth, phone us. We’ll be thrilled to explain to you if the stuff you found in your own crawl space happen to be trash or anything you might put up for sale to be able to make additional cash for the spouse and children. Rummage sales might be exceptional spots to get discounts that could be sold all over again to bring in more cash. A lot of people pay a visit to storage space unit sales in order to find necklaces as well as pieces of furniture which can be offered for sale at a profit. We will do a fine art appraisal of the pieces you find at yard sales and storage units to see if you can make a profit from them. We also really appreciate for all their work in helping us achieve guaranteed google first page. Stacie Moore highly recommends Secure Independence for affordable search engine optimization and if your’re looking for a fine art appraisal.

Canvas And How It’s Made And How it Can be Used

Canvas is a widely used material in our current world, it’s used in many ways like being used for tents or sails and is even used in the obvious subject being art for paintings and also is used for printing on to were you would find having an image printed on canvas or a design of some sort. Canvas as we know is used for artists and also canvas printers and that’s the main topic I would like to cover here, basically canvas is a material made up of cotton or linen and is woven together to create a hard fabric.

The inkjet canvas that you come across that is used for printing on and is a mixture of polyester and cotton mixed together to create a more better surface for the ink to be absorbed when the print head sprays its digital ink on to it. The canvas texture is an amazing thing in its won and I think it’s not really appreciated as it should be because the canvas its self is an artwork let alone the artwork that goes over the top of it, normally when you buy a canvas for painting on you will find that it will be stretched over a real wooden stretcher bar frame and this allows the canvas to be stretched so that it is very tight and taught for painting on or drawing on and now that the canvas is very tight you don’t have to worry about it going a little loose, even if it does you should be supplied with some wedges to knock in the frame on the back to tighten the canvas up which is a marvelous thing in its self ad just shows how flexible the canvas really can be.

Early canvas back in the day was made of linen and would have looked more like a brownish fabric color rather than being the bright white canvas you see today as canvas has been around for many decades and I would say that its reaching its peak which is a really positive way to look at the amazing fabric and if you put your mind to it you can number quite a few different things that canvas is being used for today, a few more examples would be marquees and even backpacks are made from this material, would you even believe that it’s also associated with canoes to. Wow now that’s something not many people know but let’s not stray away from the fact that printing is a very beautiful thing and the combination of ink and this beautifully made material together creates just what we are all about and that passion and inventiveness and I just love that about this world stopping great fabric. And the good thing about the material is that once it’s made in its best and rare format it lasts for you for years if you give it the loving and tender care that is truly deserves.

Suggestions For Maintaining Recovery During The Holidays

Outpatient drug treatment Florida can be a slippery slope during the holidays. Many individuals either deal with: a) euphoric recall, situations whereby we develop amnesia about the negative consequences that follow using drugs and alcohol and ending up in drug treatment; or b) extreme remorse and depression leading to a relapse. Both of these scenario’s can be avoided; however, the first step is recognition of their presence and a plan for how to deal with them. The foregoing is a list of tips and suggestions for all individuals in recovery or having just completed treatment at an inpatient or outpatient drug treatment program. These tips can help a person to enjoy the holidays and remain emotionally and physically sober: The most important part of the holidays is to enjoy you. Love, companionship, gratitude, humility, spirituality and friendship are all benefits derived from treatment and recovery from drugs and alcohol. Remember, we are not a glum lot. Enjoy yourself, others and family and take pride in the fact that you are recovering from a deadly disease.}

The Tips For Canvas Printing Technologies

Online canvas printing is a complicated way of revolutionizing your most precious photos and transforming them into beautiful works of art. Brilliant gift ideas that needn’t cost a fortune can be made from nothing more than your very own camera shots! Online canvas printing takes your best images and carefully and painstakingly places them onto high quality canvas using FSC-certified stretcher bars for added durability and robustness. Dye sublimation printing is used which means that the photo is printed deep into the fabric of the illustration for outstanding photographic reproduction for your photos on beauty of online canvas printing Online canvas printing really does make the most of your photos by bringing out the colour and energy of the emotion and passion depicted in them.

Too often we leave those breathtaking images somewhere under a pile of books or clothes in our homes. But why not unearth and liberate the potential locked within those photos to create the most spectacular Christmas gifts or birthday gifts you are ever likely to see? The beauty of online canvas printing is that any photos can be used in any size and with any effects – choose from Pop Art Warhol, urban Banksy, revolutionary Che (in the style of the iconic Che Guevara), or even pioneering David Hockey. The choice is yours! High quality online canvas printing means that your photos will be immortalised in a three-dimensional, dynamic piece of wall art that will instantly jazz up any atmosphere with colour and energy.

Just imagine that vibrant and vivid photo of your sister and her family, full of laughter and emotion, livening up her living room wall above the mantelpiece! Let the happiness and joy of those great moments rub off on everyone who enters the room with fabulous online canvas printing. Understanding photos on canvas Huge smiles and also grins always look incredible about canvas prints, yet more reflective along with thought-provoking photos can also look great by making a somewhat distinct canvas printing feeling and also really feel into a area. All that you should do will be go surfing, add your own image or perhaps number of images for any photograph montage, pick your best design, and after that await your paintings to get shipped. Pertaining to amazing gifts that your fortuitous beneficiary will truly adore, why don’t you add a personalized concept on the rear or even the front with the print to require all of them nicely money for hard times? A good looking along with entirely unique feel that is to be respected along with appreciated for many, decades in the future.

Celebrate Holidays Without Breaking the Bank

The Holiday season is bright with lights and stores decorated with attractive gifts and ornaments. It is the time of the year that every boy and girl dreams of Christmas trees and Santa Claus and gift opening. But often for the adults, it is a time which tempts them to overspend in buying stuff which will please family and friends alike. Beginning the New Year with a load of credit card debts is not pleasant either. So here are a few tips that can make your holidays bright without breaking the bank. Draw up a budget and stick to it Be realistic about how much you can spend. Once you make up your mind, write down all that you have to spend. It could be funds needed for food, decorations and gifts. When you divide the available funds under these headings, you can plan a little further. For instance, you can make a list of people you must give gifts under the column of gifts. Now you will have a clear picture of how much you can spend on each person. Do not underestimate the power of your Dollar Store Often people love to discuss with others the brand name shops they raided for gifts. But if you step into a couple of Dollar stores, you will find that you can scrape of 75% of savings on what you would buy in the big stores. Gift wrapping paper, such as, is something everyone tears and throws away. So why not get it at discount stores instead of the high-end ones. Be amazed at the kind of decorations you can pick up here as also the Holiday cards! Be Innovative Originality in food and everything else is somewhat challenging. A well planned feast is manageable if you start buying the ingredients even a month ahead. The After Thanksgiving sales can come up with ingredients for cakes and so on. Even gifts are thoughtfully picked up for the holidays from these sales. If you are dexterous with your fingers, making gifts, like crocheting Christmas Tree ornaments or knitting caps and socks for Winter, starting a task a couple of months before the holidays is a good idea. Making photo frames with craft material and personalizing them with names placed on with glitter are very attractive. Cross stitching a child’s name on a bath towel or a hand towel can also bring joy to the recipient. So celebrating the holidays using your planning skill and not raiding the bank, can make you immensely proud of yourself, as well as spreading the holiday cheer around!}

Changing Face Of Inuit Art

Inuit art form has become a collector’s prized possession in recent times. With the exposure that the art form has received in recent times, it is not difficult to find them in people’s living rooms the world over. This form of art is in fact considered to be a collectible among the elite people. The exposure to this art form has been largely created by the efforts of the Canadian government in an attempt to popularize the beautiful and traditional art practiced by the local inhabitants of the Arctic region. However, while the art form has received recognition throughout the world, it has also led Inuit community to move towards other occupations as well. Thus, on one hand there has been a surge in demand for the art and on the other there is a shortage of skilled artists. For a long time Inuit were hunters and sculptors. But, over a period of time people found better and more lucrative employment opportunities and drifted towards them. However, some intuit people continued with their traditional profession of creating beautiful art pieces out of stone. For these people stone carving holds religious significance. That’s because the Inuit art traditionally comprised of creating sculptures of worship. Such religious sculptures and figures were in a way then connected with nature. The art also majorly comprises of animal or human figures. The creativity of these artists is depicted by their carvings of animals, usually those found in the arctic region. Being ace hunters, it was easy for them to capture the beauty of animals into stone statutes. However, of late with the increasing demand for Inuit art, the younger generation of Inuit is drawing back towards their tradition. With more exposure to the outside world than their forefathers, they are bringing innovations to the art form. Instead of using ivory, other varieties of soft stones like soapstone are being used to create beautiful art works. Following the footsteps of renowned Inuit artists like Paul Kavik, Jimmy Iqaluq and Nuna Parr, these younger artists are trying to create art using the same method and tools but with a touch of contemporary feel. Several art galleries both online and off it too are providing these young artists the platform that they need to portray their skills. They list their products and interested Eskimo art lovers can buy them. Though they are relatively lower in price than those of the established Inuit artists, the Inuit art by the young generation artists is no less in terms of their quality.

Rococo Style Oil Painting

The word “Rococo” was evolved from the French word “rocaille”. Rococo art was formed in Paris in the early eighteenth century and was mainly featured by delicacy, refinement, sweetie and elegance. Its characteristics lied in the fine, lightweight, gorgeous and tedious decoration and the use of C type, S type or swirling curve and pastel colors. It had a deep influence and served the European decadent feudal nobility of the eighteenth century. After the seventeenth and eighteenth century, because of the gradual development of natural science, and impact of various democratic theories and Chinese thoughts and cultures, the “Enlightenment” was born in Europe, leading to the industrial prosperity and rising democratic thoughts. Later the industrial revolution and French Revolution broke.

These changes of objective situations exerted a great influence on development of the art at that time. Early in the eighteenth Century, although Baroque art was still popular in Europe, at the same time, an art style called Rococo was produced in France and gradually prevailed, and then replaced the Baroque style. Although Rococo still retained the comprehensive qualities of Baroque, it lacked of the religious atmosphere and exaggerated emotions and especially emphasized the use of light and beautiful and soft atmosphere. Many paintings of Rococo style were genre paintings, which were with light and sweet colors and full of elegance. The themes of Rococo paintings also included portrait, landscape, mythology and ordinary people’s life, in addition to the aristocratic life.

The Rococo style was represented by the works of French painter Antoine Watteau. Most of the works were related to the luxury life of Paris aristocracy. He did not scratch, but drew the pictures directly on the canvas. Deeply influenced by Rubens, the characters??? sharp nose, small mouth, and small fingers were all showed in his pictures with bright colors. In the use of light, Watteau will never restrain the comparison scope which Baroque painters did. Rococo art did not spread widely and gradually declined in the middle of the eighteenth century and then replaced by new classicism. The important painters at that time included: French Watteau, Chardin, Boucher, Fragonard, Italy Tiepolo, British Hogarth, Reynolds, Root Barlow, etc.

Opulent Luxury Holiday

A popular holiday theme, luxury holidays offer a wonderful chance to enjoy a luxurious vacation along with near and dear ones. Some of the most impressive types of vacations include guided safari tours of the various wildlife refuges. Moreover, the Luxury safari is about encompassing an unforgettable experience where all the tours are carefully designed by experienced and skilled representatives. A wildlife experience that’s just as incredible under water as it is on land will surely give you memories for lifetime. The luxury tour operator gives you a selection of some of your favorite tailor made itineraries for once-in-a-lifetime luxury holiday. The tours are exclusive products aimed at meeting the needs of the high end combination of a superb location, luxurious facilities and an incredible experience ensures your vacation is worth remembering the lifetime. The personally customized programmes throughout the world are bespoke, each one designed to reflect your individual interests and needs and delivering unique life experiences. Luxury Holiday is a journey not only in luxury but also in culture, wildlife and history, whatever your passion is, it offers you guaranteed fun. The holiday is about hotels with gold taps and bell boys and the travel partner is all about authenticity, service and advice. Whether you prefer simpler canvas construction, a thatched cottage or an extravagant air conditioned suite with a private pool, the choice is with you. Treat yourself to a truly impressive vacation, followed by a unique style, caring service and picturesque environment. The tour operator customizes each itinerary to suit the individual’s or group’s wishes and comfort. They offer you an exotic and flamboyant opportunity to explore and self drive your leisure out of the world vacation. Also for the newlywed they take great pride in finding the most romantic destinations, the most luxurious hotels, and planning custom honeymoon itineraries to suit every couple. With some of the most innovative facilities and lavish features, the Luxury Holidays are popular amongst seekers of luxury. The luxury tour operator integrates the travel consulting knowledge and operational strengths to offer you the world’s most luxurious private tours. They boast some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, as well as spectacular hotels and spas. The travel provider selects partners to provide essential services to make your travels run smoothly, such as private jets and chauffeurs. The Luxury Safari can also arrange your journey from start to finish, including refreshments or Five Star dining, while you sit back and relax. Be pampered as you embrace the under-stated opulence on one of these Premier Safari, an ultra-luxury holiday experience where your every need is catered for in premier style.}