Fashion Illustration

Fashion Illustration

Follow your heart! Whether your interest is drawing gentle lines for babies or the bolder contour driven silhouettes for adults. Initially, new fashion illustrators will benefit from checking out the newest fashion magazines and practicing drawing different poses. You will need essential materials at hand to begin designing your chosen fashion illustrations.

Color PencilsThere are tons of color pencils brand names and generic in the market to choose from. Personally, the creamy ones have a gliding quality that allows artists to create lovely designs by blending contrasts and combining colors. MarkersMarkers are a favorite for fashion illustration. Markers influence the quality of an artist’s work. A drawing can be simple yet command attention with fluidity. Markers are an essential part of an illustrator’s retinue, always handy for small art revisions created with other mediums. WatercolorsArtists can chose from numerous types of watercolors. You can find tubes, pastes, and pencils that can be diluted to produce delicate eye catching effects. PastelsWithin the pastel element an artist can find various choices. For instance chalk which are easy to use and help generate the required volume and gradients of many frocks. Chalks are easy to use but if not careful to prevent the rubbing off of color, the artist’s work can turn out messy. AcrylicsAcrylics to create sketches are recommended to produce clean lines and interesting color combinations. A fashion illustrator can use gradients or solid colors, and easily add unique aspects to his drawings.

OilsOils are a great medium because they bring out a realistic aspect to fashion. It is an elegant mode of illustrating fashion and suggested for the more advanced illustrator to depict subtleties such as velvety textures. Gel pensGel pens were the best invention of modern times. Who doesn’t want to add sparkle to metals in their artwork? Gel pens are used to create effects that simulate attention such as glitter as in the case with metallic fabrics, lipsticks, and jewelry. These gel pens come in pastels, pearly hues, neon colors, and metallic. BrushesAlways have brushes at hand no matter what the medium is. These are handy for touch ups, clean ups, create special effects, and more. Brushes come in different textures, lengths, and thicknesses, all intended for particular mediums and the creation of different appearances. Once you have all your materials, start practicing and sharing your fashion illustration portfolio with friends and family. Make drawing part of your daily routine always keeping in mind that every artist has his or her own way of expressing art. Your endeavors will soon pay off.

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