Suggestions For Maintaining Recovery During The Holidays

Outpatient drug treatment Florida can be a slippery slope during the holidays. Many individuals either deal with: a) euphoric recall, situations whereby we develop amnesia about the negative consequences that follow using drugs and alcohol and ending up in drug treatment; or b) extreme remorse and depression leading to a relapse. Both of these scenario’s can be avoided; however, the first step is recognition of their presence and a plan for how to deal with them. The foregoing is a list of tips and suggestions for all individuals in recovery or having just completed treatment at an inpatient or outpatient drug treatment program. These tips can help a person to enjoy the holidays and remain emotionally and physically sober: The most important part of the holidays is to enjoy you. Love, companionship, gratitude, humility, spirituality and friendship are all benefits derived from treatment and recovery from drugs and alcohol. Remember, we are not a glum lot. Enjoy yourself, others and family and take pride in the fact that you are recovering from a deadly disease.}

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